Patient1: Patient Encounter Management

Encounter Management

Encounter Management is much more than just “Practice Management”…..So why do most Practice Management systems focus on Scheduling and Billing?  Shouldn’t they help you focus on the Patient and their encounter with your practice?

That’s why MD1 offers a comprehensive Encounter Management system within Patient1.  It is a Patient-focused technology that helps you and your Patient to schedule appointments, register for service, provide demographics and history information, check insurance eligibility, and fully prepare for the encounter.  Once care delivery is complete, Patient1 provides coding and claims submission support, captures surveys on the Patient’s experience, and collects data needed for Performance Measurements.  With MD1, the technology supports the entire encounter, not the other way around.

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Smart Charts

Typical Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are cumbersome, time-consuming (too many clicks), structured in a “one size fits all” workflow, and difficult to use.  They aren’t designed with the clinical content and workflow specific to a Specialty, and they don’t allow for individual preferences in the documentation of care.

That’s why MD1 provides an intelligent charting and care documentation solution called “Smart Charts”.  With Smart Charts, you can quickly capture relevant patient information in a workflow that makes sense and is tailored to your preferences. You have access to your patient information from any location, at any time, and it is presented in a meaningful format that can be shared among other care team members. 

Smart Charts gives you more time with the patient, delivers an optimized clinical user experience and workflow, insures that the right codes are selected for reimbursement and collections, and collects data for Meaningful Use requirements.  With Smart Charts the technology supports your workflow and preferences, not the other way around.

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Dictation / Transcription

Remember when care documentation was a dictated note that would then be transcribed and placed into the Patient record?  Many practices still rely on Dictation and Transcription to include relevant clinical information for the Encounter, but the process is still old and expensive.

That’s why MD1 provides a Dictation/Transcription solution using the latest technology:  Industry-standard Mobile devices for dictation and voice-recognition and Cloud-based system for retrieving and electronically signing Transcriptions.  And MD1 doesn’t charge a fee based on the line or the page.

Simple…..Easy-to-Use…..Featuring the Mobile Devices you use today…..Electronic approval…..Cost-effective…..Integrated with the Electronic Health Record…..Contact MD1 today for the latest Dictation/Transcription Solution.

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