Post-Acute Care Management

Much attention has been given recently to the CMS “Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program”. And while healthcare organizations certainly do not want to receive a penalty on Medicare reimbursements, the reality is that readmissions already have a significant financial impact on Hospitals and Health Systems, especially with Emergency Department readmissions. Often Emergency Department visits become Admissions to the Main Hospital, which takes the bed space from other revenue-generating procedures.
While many readmissions cannot be prevented, hospitals can engage in several activities to lower their rate of readmissions, such as establishing and coordinating a Post-Acute Care Plan, providing clear patient discharge instructions (along with self-management suggestions, managing Referrals and follow-on care, and establishing points of contact for follow-on care),offering on-going Care Management services, and Coordinating with post-acute care providers and the Patient’s Primary Care Physician.
Seem like a daunting set of tasks? Are you staffed to provide this level of Post-Acute Care?

There is a way to reduce Hospital Readmissions, significantly improve your facility’s profitability, avoid CMS penalties, and create a better path to recovery for your Patients:
Choose MD1 for Post-Acute Care Management! MD1 offers a comprehensive suite of Care Transition, Care Management, and Care Coordination Services that can be tailored to the Patient base and specific needs of your healthcare facility.
We offer a High-Touch approach to Post-Discharge Care Management and insure that your Hospital’s readmissions rate is reduced while improving healthcare via Patient self-management. Management…..Physician Credentialing…..Information Technology support…..Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation…..Patient Experience services…..Facilities Management…..No matter what you are looking for, MD1 is your “One Stop Shop” for Practice Operations Management solutions.
Check out MD1’s approach to Post-Acute Care Management, and contact us soon for additional information!

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Care Transition Services

  • Post-Discharge Care Plan
  • Outpatient Services
  • Referral Coordination
  • Appointments/Scheduling

The path to reducing Hospital Readmissions starts with the Transition of Patient Care.
The more attention paid to a smooth transition to the home or post-acute care providers after discharge, the better the chance that the Patient will recover and not visit the Hospital for a related readmission.
That’s why MD1 offers “High Touch” Care Transition Services with a focus on establishing and communicating a Post-Discharge Care Plan with both the Patient and his/her Primary Care Physician and Post-Acute Care Providers.

MD1 will provide a Care Transition Coordinator to work directly with your facility’s Case Management personnel to insure a smooth Post-Discharge Transition.
We will establish a Care Plan for each Patient (with a focus on Patients with acute and chronic issues), assist with Referral Scheduling, manage the post-discharge instruction and self-management process, and facilitate provider-to-provider communications.
MD1 will even provide Patient Transport and in-home Functional Assessments as needed.
Check out our Care Transition Services, and contact us soon to discuss how Care1 can meet your specific needs.

Care Management Services

  • 24x7x365 Call Center
  • Needs Assessment (Physical, Mental, Functional, Social, Environmental)
  • Problem List & Treatment Goals
  • Symptom & Medication Management
  • Preventative Services

Even after Care Transition Services have been properly provided, Hospital Readmissions can occur, especially with Patients who were previously admitted with acute or chronic issues. That’s why MD1 offers a complete set of on-going Care Management Services to support Patient self-management efforts and to speed recovery without another Hospital visit.
MD1’s Care Management Services start with a Patient Needs Assessments from a Mid-Level clinician that drives a Problem List and Treatment Goals. We then assist the Patient with Symptom and Medication self-management and provide Preventative Services as needed.
Our approach includes a 24x7x365 Call Center staffed with Clinical Specialists to interact with the Patient by phone as well as “High Touch” Care Management Services in the home and alongside Post-Acute Care Providers.
MD1 will provide a Care Management Coordinator to work directly with the Patient’s Primary Care Physician and Post-Acute Care Providers, and will establish and manage direct contact with the Patient on a monthly basis at a minimum. We will also provide relevant audio-visual clinical content accessible by the Patient to support self-management efforts.
All Care Management activity will be updated in the Care Plan for each Patient, and will be communicated with all clinical personnel associated with the Patient’s Care Plan.
Check out our Care Management Services, and contact us soon to discuss how Care1 can meet your specific needs.

Care Coordination Services

  • Functional Deficit Management
  • Home & Community Provider Communication
  • Intervention Management
  • Care Plan Coordination

If just about everyone has internet access, an email account, and a Tablet or a Mobile Device, then why can’t we exchange information on a Patient we both care for?
MD1 has a better way, and it’s called Care Coordination Services.
As part of our Care1 Solution, MD1 provides a Care Management Coordinator whose responsibility is to establish, update, and share a Care Plan for each Patient (with a focus on Patients with acute and chronic issues) with each and every authorized Clinician involved in the ongoing care of this Patient. MD1 assists the Patient with Referral Scheduling, manages the post-discharge instruction and self-management process, and facilitates provider-to-provider communications through HIPAA-compliant secure messaging and data exchange.
We also offer a 24x7x365 Call Center and Website to facilitate immediate access to the Patient’s Care Plan and Encounter updates.
Check out our Care Coordination Services, and contact us soon to discuss how Care1 can meet your specific needs.