Medical Practice/Operations Management

The Medical Practice is a business, and it has all the operational and human resource challenges associated with a business. But with all the regulatory requirements, revenue cycle management challenges, and need to focus on patient care, when do you have the time to evaluate and optimize the processes within your business?
MD1 can help! We offer the industry’s most complete set of Operations Management services to insure that your practice is a smooth, efficient, and profitable operation.
Payroll and Benefits for your employees…….Executive and Employee recruiting and staffing…..Risk and Compliance Management…..Physician Credentialing…..Information Technology support…..Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation…..Patient Experience services…..Facilities Management…..No matter what you are looking for, MD1 is your “One Stop Shop” for Practice Operations Management solutions.

Practice Optimization Services

It’s time for a little help from your friends! MD1 has an experienced team of clinical and business professionals available to review all aspects of your medical practice. From business processes, to policies, procedures, and workflow, MD1’s Subject Matter Experts can provide advice and counsel on how to optimize your practice to provide a positive effect on your “bottom line”. Like to “try it before you buy it”? Contact MD1 today for a FREE medical practice assessment.

Patient Experience Services

  • Commercial Real Estate Leasing / Purchase Services
  • Patient Workflow Optimization
  • Artwork and Furnishings
  • Communications Management

With agencies like AHRQ and CMS focused on driving improvements to care and creating standardized patient surveys across clinical settings, enhancing the Patient Experience is becoming very important to the medical practice. From choosing the right location to optimizing the clinical workflow, to artwork and furnishings, medical practices often need help in creating the most positive Patient Experience.
MD1 can help! We have a team of business and clinical professionals who are ready to assist you in your endeavor to offer and maintain the best possible patient experience. Let us show you how you can score high on each and every survey!

PEO Services

  • Human Resource Administration
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Risk / Safety / Compliance Management

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) are businesses that act as co-employers and take care of personnel responsibilities and issues for a company. When a medical practice contracts with a PEO like MD1, the PEO assumes the responsibility for the employee related issues of the practice, so you can focus on growing your business and taking care of your Patients. Payroll…..Benefits Administration…..Worker’s Compensation Insurance…..Risk/Safety Management…..Compliance Management….. Employee Management and Administration…..Human Resource Support…..Labor Cost Stabilization…..Let MD1 provide the industry’s best PEO Services for your practice!

Accounting and Tax Services

All the recent Tax Code changes are hard enough to manage for an individual tax payer, so how can you insure that your medical practice stays on top of state and federal tax regulations? MD1can help! Our Tax and Accounting professionals are ready to assist your practice with everything from every-day bookkeeping to quarterly and annual tax preparation and filing. We will insure your tax compliance while keeping every dollar possible in your practice, where it belongs.

Physician / Practice Credentialing Services

Payers require that the experience and qualifications of physicians and medical practices be evaluated and maintained. Credentialing can be a time-consuming process, where a practice’s licensing, education/training history, and qualifications of its clinicians is validated, and then registration/enrollment must be tracked and managed. MD1 can help! Using both the latest in software technologies and a seasoned team of clinical professionals, MD1 can take away the headache and paperwork associated with Credentialing. MD1 helps you to focus on what you do best: Taking care of the Patient.

Clinical Employee and Executive Recruiting

Finding the right Executives and employees for your organization is a challenging and time consuming task. The search and interview process is not simple and in today’s global marketplace your job opening is competing with over 5 million other jobs worldwide.
MD1 is your solution for employee recruitment. Our proven search process combines a consultative approach and the latest database technology to find the perfect employee for your organization. Because we are recruitment experts we can match your exact specifications and send you only the best qualified candidates. Our process saves you time, money and avoids the costly mistake of hiring the wrong individual.
MD1 has the technology, the team, and the talent to fill your vacancy with an exceptional employee who will be an asset to your organization. We deliver personalized service coupled with almost unrestricted market access for talent. From single placements to total outsourced solutions, we translate human capital strategies into practical actions and measurable results.

Human Resource Staffing Services

Everyone needs a little help from time to time…..That’s why MD1 is a leading provider of specialized, professional contract professionals. We help our clients achieve greater organizational performance by attracting, selecting, and placing the best and brightest people for their clinical operations. No matter if you need short-term assistance, or a permanent placement, MD1 understands that each staffing engagement is unique, and we have the depth and breadth to tailor a solution to your specific talent requirements. MD1 helps you to focus on what you do best: Taking care of the Patient.

Social Media, Branding, Digital Marketing, and Lead Generation Services

In today’s Digital World where there are more than 400 Social Media and Social Networking Sites; where more than ¾ of adults visit Social Media sites; and where there are more cell phone subscriptions than people on the earth (sources: The Pew Group and Digital Trends), is your medical practice ready to attract and retain Patients? Marketing and Lead Generation is no longer just launching a website and publishing a phone number, instead today’s medical practice is expected to promote itself and communicate with Patients via multiple digital communication methods.
MD1 can help! Our staff of Social Media and Digital Marketing experts can create a practice promotion and lead generation program tailored to your strengths and expertise resulting in more clients and revenue for your business. Prefer to manage marketing in-house? No problem! MD1 can build the marketing and lead generation program for you, and train your staff on the tools and techniques needed to give you a competitive advantage.

Information Technology Services

iPhones, iPads, Android Tablets, laptops, desktops, monitors, software maintenance/updates… seems that Information Technology is always changing and more devices are entering your practice. How can you keep up with technology when you need to be spending more time with your Patients? MD1 can help! Our team of Information Technology Specialists can provide turn-key support for all I.T., Networking, and Communications equipment in your practice. In addition, we offer full support for apps and software for all devices, laptops, workstations, and servers. MD1 helps you to focus on what you do best: Taking care of the Patient.

Facilities Management Services

  • Security / Access Control System
  • Sharps / Bio-waste Disposal
  • Laundry / Cleaning Services

With so many other aspects of your business vying for your attention, it’s easy to forget about the “four walls” that house your medical practice. That’s why MD1 offers a comprehensive suite of Facilities Management Services.
From Security and Access Controls to Cleaning/Maintenance services to Bio-waste Disposal, MD1 can take care of your physical facility so you can focus on what you do best: Taking care of the Patient.