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Patient Encounter Management

MD1’s Goal is to provide technology and services solutions that save time, improve profitability, optimize the medical practice, and help Clinicians focus on what they do best: Taking care of the Patient. It all starts with a Patient Encounter, and MD1 offers a solution suite called “Patient1” that helps you to manage the encounter, document care delivery with an intelligent charting technology, and incorporate dictation/transcription content with minimal effort so you can focus on the Patient.

Patient1 gives you more time with the patient, manages the encounter, delivers an optimized clinical user experience and workflow, insures that the right codes are selected for reimbursement and collections, and collects data for Meaningful Use requirements. With Patient1, the technology supports your workflow and preferences, not the other way around.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Have you heard the phrase “Cash is King”? It certainly is true for the owners of clinical practices. With the average Medical Practice writing off 15% of their collections as “bad debt” (source: MGMA) and in today’s world of High-deductible Health Plans, a complicated reimbursement process, and a new coding system, it is truly difficult to operate a profitable medical practice. Let MD1 help you solve your Revenue Cycle problems!

MD1 offers the industry’s best and most cost-effective Revenue Cycle Management solution. If you are still managing the billing for your practice in-house, we can help you obtain reimbursements, reduce A/R days, improve patient collections, and put more money back into your practice, where it belongs.

If you already use a vendor for medical billing, let MD1 show you how we can provide more visibility into your Revenue Cycle, give you better service at a lower collections rate than your current supplier, and save you money.

Full Accountability…..Complete Visibility….Hundreds of Reports and Graphical Summary Dashboards….A “High-Touch” Approach that delights our Customers…..The best rates in the Industry…..Contact MD1 for the best Revenue Cycle Management solution!

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Medical Practice/Operations Management:

The Medical Practice is a business, and it has all the operational and human resource challenges associated with a business. But with all the regulatory requirements, revenue cycle management challenges, and need to focus on patient care, when do you have the time to evaluate and optimize the processes within your business?

MD1 can help! We offer the industry’s most complete set of Operations Management services to insure that your practice is a smooth, efficient, and profitable operation. Payroll and Benefits for your employees…….Executive and Employee recruiting and staffing…..Risk and Compliance Management…..Physician Credentialing…..Information Technology support…..Social Media Marketing & Lead Generation…..Patient Experience services…..Facilities Management…..No matter what you are looking for, MD1 is your “One Stop Shop” for Practice Operations Management solutions.

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Post-Acute Care Management

Much attention has been given recently to the CMS “Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program”. And while healthcare organizations certainly do not want to receive a penalty on Medicare reimbursements, the reality is that readmissions already have a significant financial impact on Hospitals and Health Systems, especially with Emergency Department readmissions. Often Emergency Department visits become Admissions to the Main Hospital, which takes the bed space from other revenue-generating procedures.

While many readmissions cannot be prevented, hospitals can engage in several activities to lower their rate of readmissions, such as establishing and coordinating a Post-Acute Care Plan, providing clear patient discharge instructions (along with self-management suggestions, managing Referrals and follow-on care, and establishing points of contact for follow-on care), offering on-going Care Management services, and Coordinating with post-acute care providers and the Patient’s Primary Care Physician. Seem like a daunting set of tasks? Are you staffed to provide this level of Post-Acute Care?

There is a way to reduce Hospital Readmissions, significantly improve your facility’s profitability, avoid CMS penalties, and create a better path to recovery for your Patients: Choose MD1 for Post-Acute Care Management!

MD1 offers a comprehensive suite of Care Transition, Care Management, and Care Coordination Services that can be tailored to the Patient base and specific needs of your healthcare facility. We offer a High-Touch approach to Post-Discharge Care Management and insure that your Hospital’s readmissions rate is reduced while improving healthcare via Patient self-management.

Check out MD1’s approach to Post-Acute Care Management, and contact soon for additional information!

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"At MD1, our goal is to help you put more money back into your practice, where it belongs"

Shawn Smith | President, MD1

Already have a preferred services or technology partner in one of the above areas? No problem!

MD1 works with any existing system and can “fill the gap” in your area of need. Our technology solutions help our customers to become more focused in the delivery of care, not reliant on software.

Together we can make a lasting impact by strengthening your practice and the amount of time you spend delivering care.

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