Revenue1: Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Have you heard the phrase “Cash is King”?  It certainly is true for the owners of clinical practices.  With the average Medical Practice writing off 15% of their collections as “bad debt” (source: MGMA) and in today’s world of High-deductible Health Plans, a complicated reimbursement process, and a new coding system, it is truly difficult to operate a profitable medical practice.  Let MD1 help you solve your Revenue Cycle problems!

MD1 offers the industry’s best and most cost-effective Revenue Cycle Management solution.  If you are still managing the billing for your practice in-house, we can help you obtain reimbursements, reduce A/R days, improve patient collections, and put more money back into your practice, where it belongs. 

If you already use a vendor for medical billing, let MD1 show you how we can provide more visibility into your Revenue Cycle, give you better service at a lower collections rate than your current supplier, and save you money.

Full Accountability…..Complete Visibility….Hundreds of Reports and Graphical Summary Dashboards….A “High-Touch” Approach that delights our Customers…..The best rates in the Industry…..Contact MD1 for the best Revenue Cycle Management solution!

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