MD1 offers numerous Webinars on our Patient1, Revenue1, and Practice1 solutions. Our Industry Leaders also share their thoughts online and at Conferences regarding Medical Industry Trends. 

  • The Top Four Ways to Improve Quality Ratings
    To effectively impact patient care, healthcare organizations have to know where patients are and how to reach them. The incentive for health plans, providers and pharmacies to do so is not only for the sake of improving outcomes but quality ratings and the bottom line as well. Read more »
  • The Identity Imperative for Healthcare Providers and Payers:​ Overcoming Barriers in Digital Transformations​
    Amidst a paradigm shift, the healthcare industry appears to be solving one problem while creating another. On the one hand, healthcare organizations are turning to technology to help them curb costs while adopting new care delivery models focused on improving patient outcomes and access to services. Yet these digital transformations… Read more »
  • Telehealth Maturity Assessment: It Takes A Village
    Successful telehealth innovation has proven to be difficult to achieve for most organizations as they are currently engaged in siloed pilots and use cases. The implementation of organization-wide telehealth strategy that enables them to scale and transform virtual care has proven to be difficult to accomplish. Read more »
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