MD1 offers numerous Webinars on our Patient1, Revenue1, and Practice1 solutions. Our Industry Leaders also share their thoughts online and at Conferences regarding Medical Industry Trends. 

  • Cloud Transformations: A Provider’s Guide
    Most providers have completed the initial steps of their cloud journey. Their cloud experience is transitioning from cloud adoption into a complete transformation of their technology and related processes. Providers are now moving to a cloud-first strategy, one where data centers will reside entirely on some form of the cloud.… Read more »
  • AI-Enabled Clinical Virtual Assistant – A HIMSS Technology Update
    GE Healthcare and Roche are dedicated to bringing you the digital and AI technology solutions that bring efficiency and insights for decision making, that help you keep your focus right where it’s always been: On your patients. Read more »
  • Situational Response Management, Communications, and Virtual Patient Outreach
    Learn how to enable organizational responsiveness and business continuity in these challenging times. Microsoft’s Healthcare and Life Sciences team demonstrates how organizations can manage internal crisis response and communication as well as focusing on how healthcare providers can manage patient and community outreach as part of their COVID-19 response. Read more »
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