Why Are Drugs Used For ADHD When There Are Better Alternatives?


There are major concerns about the safety of Tenex used for ADHD and those concerns are justified. This is a high blood pressure medication that doctors began prescribing as an off-label treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder long before the drug received FDA approval for that purpose.

Studies concerning Intuniv or Tenex and ADHD have returned mixed results concerning effectiveness. To date, there is only one trial that compared the effectiveness to a placebo and the results of the placebo’s effectiveness were not compared to those of the actual drug.

Rating effectiveness is a subjective thing. There is no way to prove conclusively that Tenex used for ADHD works. It is, however, simple to prove that it lowers blood pressure and pulse rate. Is that safe?

There have been no studies concerning Tenex and ADHD treatment for more than two years. The effectiveness and safety of stimulants, the drugs of choice, have been followed for up to five years. Those studies have yielded black-box warnings concerning the potential for abuse, drug dependence, suicide and sudden death.

The “usual” side effects of Intuniv include dizziness, drowsiness, headache, constipation, gas pains, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue and nasal congestion. The “rare” ones include chest pain, shortness of breath, rashes, swelling of the hands and feet, blurred vision and yellowing of the eyes, which is indicative of liver damage. Considering all of the adverse reactions, it is surprising that it is prescribed for any purpose, but as a parent the idea of giving it to a child seems incredible.

My suggestion to parents; do not blindly accept what your doctor has to say about Tenex and ADHD. Consider natural, safe alternatives. Be sure that all other medical conditions are ruled out before you even accept the diagnosis. There are no real tests for the disorder. It may be argued that it is not an actual disorder at all, but a natural difference that occurs among children and adults alike.

If you want a natural alternative to Tenex used for ADHD, start with eliminating artificial food colorings and preservatives from your child’s diet. The evidence linking behavioral problems in children to artificial food colorings has been sufficient enough that the UK FSA has called for a ban on six of them. The EU has ruled that some food dyes must be labeled with a warning concerning adverse effects on activity and attention in children.

Omega 3 supplementation is a safe alternative to Tenex and ADHD research indicates that it is effective. Clinical psychologists report that homeopathic remedies including the ingredients Hyoscyamus, Arsen iod and Verta alb have a calming effect, reducing fidgeting and decreasing hyperactivity and are much more effective than tenex used for ADHD Best of all, these homeopathic remedies have no side effects, are 100% natural and supply with the brain with the nutrients it needs to heal.

These homeopathic remedies can easily be ordered over the Internet. They are safe and affordable alternatives to Tenex used for ADHD.

Source by Laura Ramirez